BORN FOR BLISS / Falling Back (EP)

Vaselyne - In Dreams EP

Falling Back 5-track EP

release date: october 7th - 2016

label: Echozone / Turmoil Music

Apart from the album version, this EP features an impressive and epic remix version of the title song by All Hallows Eve which in some parts even recalls glory Fields Of The Nephilim days ("Elysium").

Then there is a very special version of the Led Zeppelin classic song "Your Time Is Gonna Come" which Born For Bliss singer/songwriter Frank Weyzig recorded for this EP as a six-minute version. Tom O'Connell remixed this one as a "Moonlooper" edit using extensive guitar solos and drums incorporated in a powerful rock-anthem-sound, which also breaks the 8-minute barrier. 

Last but not least, a re-recorded instrumental version of "Dragon" is also featured on this EP, a song Frank wrote during his time as guitarist of Clan Of Xymox. "Dragon" was previously only available as a 4-track demo, released on the album "Between Living And Dreaming". 

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